About Start InNegev

Start InNegev is an 8 weeks Pre-Incubation program, designed to improve the skills of startuppers to join InNegev Incubator.
The program is conducted virtually, over 8 sessions including a Demo Day.
Graduates of the program will be evaluated by InNegev Incubator steering committee to join the InNegev Incubator program.

Benefits of the program:

  • Participating is free and no equity is taken
  • Exclusive network of dedicated mentors in both technical and business verticals
  • Familiarize the startuppers with the Negev region, its perks and advantages
  • Networking between the teams, InNegev staff and partners
  • Development of personal skills and expertise
  • Easier acceptance to the InNegev Incubator program

Industry 4.0

Highlights from Start InNegev 1st Cohort

Winners of Demo Day

*Subjected to application to the Israel Innovation Authority.
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About InNegev Incubator

InNegev Incubator located in the Negev, Israel’s southern region a desert like environment, focuses on visionary entrepreneurs and strong early-stage startups, pioneering disruptive technologies in our fields of interest: Agtech, Cleantech, Foodtech, and Industry 4.0, as well as sharing the vision to base their operations in the Negev. We believe that these technologies can have a tremendous positive impact on both a local and global scale, and work to support the companies striving to make a real difference in these areas.

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Start InNegev Challenges

Start InNegev is calling for startuppers with ideas, research, and early-stage technologies relating to the hereunder challenges.


  • Environment friendly - Bio products
  • Greenhouses technologies
  • Vertical farming
  • Water and Irrigation
  • Precision agriculture
  • Breeding, specialty crops
image service

image service


  • Sugar or salt reduction/ alternatives
  • Functional Food
  • Alternative protein
  • Encapsulation/ Coated technologies
  • Quality and food Safety
  • Packaging


  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy Storage
  • Waste treatment/ Recovery
  • Water recycle
  • Materials recycle
  • Degradable materials
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image service

Industry 4.0

  • Advanced materials
  • Automotive
  • Plastic tech
  • Smart factory
  • Robotics
  • Process control
  • Predictive maintenance


Demo Day

Launching the program

Launching the callout